“Nature is amazingly resilient – it bounces back if given a chance to take a healing breath. There are projects, which are detailed in this chapter, that show nature coming back into abundance within twenty-five years, which is not a long time. It is great that we have this practical evidence; it gives me huge hope. This great resilience that nature has and its ability to bounce back are based, to a great extent, on its interconnectedness.
We will look at the magical interconnected systems that exist within nature on the land, in the air and in the sea. You will see how nature can get fertiliser from Africa to the Amazon rainforest via the wind, how tiny creatures within our oceans play an important part in our weather systems and in cooling the planet and how families of trees transfer and exchange nutrients over vast tracts of land with other species. Some of these systems have been developed over hundreds and thousands of years, and they are still working today. These are the foundations of nature that our civilization is built on. First though, we need to look at the reality of where the Earth is at the moment.”



The Solution for Earth in Crisis: Science, Indigenous Wisdom, the Natural World and You

The earth is in crisis; humanity is set on a course of destruction. It is no coincidence as each mirrors the other. The fabric of the universe is woven together with a connecting thread – we are all intricately entwined and connected. This wisdom has been lost in the modern world but Custodians guides you to the truth about interconnectedness and how it can bring harmony, love and healing to you and the earth.

Journey with Custodians through newly regenerated forests in Africa to the tribes in West Papua. Discover nature’s system of carrying fertiliser from the Bodélé Depression in Africa to the Amazon and marvel at the resilience and strength of nature as it returns to abandoned coal mines in England after only 25-years.

With conscious choices and actions, we can unlock our authentic desires and return to a wonder for the vitality of life. Unhappiness and emptiness can be transformed into worthiness and love. The earth’s current bleak future can be reversed. Backed up by science, wisdom from indigenous tribes and nature itself, Custodians gives you the map to find a better way of living for you and our planet.

VINCENT McMAHON is a writer and speaker who has been passionate about nature, the earth and how we relate to the natural world since he was a child playing on riverbanks.
Vincent has co-founded of The Istituto dei Custodi dei Bio Nessi (The Institute of Custodians of Bio-Connections) to preserve and protect the integrity of the connections between nature, people and our food.
Vincent’s own training includes shamanism, consciousness, psychology, sustainability, relationship dynamics and ecosystems.
Over the years he has run training courses in Ireland, England, France and the Channel Islands. Vincent has written for and lectured on a degree program course in Quantum Consciousness for a college in Australia.
His travels have taken him around the world to such places as a Buddhist monastery beside the Gobi desert, training with a mystic in the mountains of Peru and living with a tribe in the Highlands of West Papua.
Vincent has been appointed Ambassador by the Winam Eragayam Tribal Council of West Papua to help them protect their rainforests from destruction.
Vincent also has 30 years of business consulting experience, including sitting on Finance Boards and National Strategy committees and also lecturing on a Masters program for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Originally from Ireland, Vincent now lives in Southern Italy beside the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, an area of outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity.
Vincent’s understanding of science and consciousness and his time with indigenous peoples has taught him that we live in an interconnected and loving world.

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