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The Solution and Earth in Crisis: Science, Indigenous Wisdom, the Natural World and You.

Vincent McMahon 

Book Synopsis
In our modern world happiness, success and prosperity have become linked to consumption. However, despite our stockpiling of ‘stuff’ many of us feel empty, unfulfilled, stressed or overworked. One of the many problems with consumption as a way of being in the world, is that the ‘stuff’ we consume comes at a huge cost to the earth. We either dig, mine, harvest or burn the earth’s resources to satiate our desire to be good enough, happy enough or successful enough.
We have been trying to fill an empty hole inside ourselves. But it hasn’t worked.
Over millennia our mythologies have changed from stories of connection to stories of separation and unworthiness – for example, being cast from the Garden of Eden.
When we feel separate and unworthy, we develop inauthentic psychological roles and behavioural archetypes to control our life experience. These in turn influence our behaviour, choices and actions. Our current behaviour, choices and actions are having a negative impact on our personal wellbeing, our quality of life, and our earth.
Custodians is a practical roadmap guiding the reader through the knowledge contained within;
• Science and the Quantum Field
• Indigenous wisdom
• The natural world
… which shows us that we live in an inter-connected world and that we are loved.
In Custodians we will explore how to release inauthentic psychological dynamics and behavioral patterns, so that we don’t have to consume ‘stuff’. We will also sow the seeds of a new mythology based on worthiness, connection and love to fill the empty hole inside ourselves. In doing this we move to a more authentic way of being in our relationship with ourselves, our fellow humans, and the earth. In this way we become custodians, and the agents of change that the earth has been waiting for.

Author Bio
Vincent McMahon is a writer and speaker who has been passionate about nature, the earth and how we relate to the natural world since he was a child playing on riverbanks.
Vincent has co-founded of The Istituto dei Custodi dei Bio Nessi (The Institute of Custodians of Bio-Connections) to preserve and protect the integrity of the connections between nature, people and our food.
Vincent’s own training includes shamanism, consciousness, psychology, sustainability, relationship dynamics and ecosystems.
Over the years he has run training courses in Ireland, England, France and the Channel Islands. Vincent has written for and lectured on a degree program course in Quantum Consciousness for a college in Australia.
His travels have taken him around the world to such places as a Buddhist monastery beside the Gobi desert, training with a mystic in the mountains of Peru and living with a tribe in the Highlands of West Papua.
Vincent has been appointed Ambassador by the Winam Eragayam Tribal Council of West Papua to help them protect their rainforests from destruction.
Vincent also has 30 years of business consulting experience, including sitting on Finance Boards and National Strategy committees and also lecturing on a Masters program for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Originally from Ireland, Vincent now lives in Southern Italy beside the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, an area of outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity.
Vincent’s understanding of science and consciousness and his time with indigenous peoples has taught him that we live in an interconnected and loving world.